• Lemora Ixen Thatcher

    Half-Elf, Sorcerer, Lawful-Neutral, from city of Neverwinter

    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Elemental Evil

    "Why, do you think, they treat me with favor? I may not be of noble bloodline, dear, but I need not be... even a commoner, from Neverwinter, has more sophistication than any of these rustic lords. They treat me as they do because they can see it on me, smell it on me, and they know I'm their better. What they smell on you, other than sweat and soil, is my hired thug. Protest if you like, but, I have currency that spends better than coin with these people... and I can use it to influence them. Your tribe may have given you a different education, and I can admit that it's also useful, but I know the order of things... and that order is all that prevents our being savages, every one."


    -- debating a barbarian around the campfire.

  • By The Clocks!

    You can take the girl out of Neverwinter, but you can't take Neverwinter out of the girl.

    A Touch of Dragon's Blood

    Now that she's alone in the world, only her guild backing her, she's set off to find work and uncover sights long unseen.

  • Just the Stats, ma'am.

    Ability Scores @ Level 1


    Strength +2


    Dexterity +3


    Constitution +3


    Intelligence +3

    Rolled 15 + 1 (Half-Elf)


    Wisdom +3

    Rolled 15 + 1 (Half-Elf)


    Charisma +5

    Rolled 18 + 2 (Half-Elf)

  • Allegiences

    Mother: Bizana Ixen (elf)

    Father: Nellis Thatcher (human)


    Strong ties to Half-Elf community in Neverwinter.


    Free Market Goddess

    Raised to be a faithful servant to the goddess of merchants and tradesmen. Lemora understands the need for a strong marketplace, trade routes, and talented artisans. She does all she can, within reason, to help commerce thrive... for without it, we may all well be doomed.

    Cartographer's Guild

    A Job That Gives You Direction

    It was a happy accident, or so it began, when she joined the cartographer's guild.  Lemora was a quick study, sent out into the field rather early, to chart the uncharted.  All areas of major civilization have guild offices, and Lemora conducts all business through them.

    The Lords Alliance

    Respect Their Authority

    Before departing Neverwinter, Lemora was approached by two faction recruiters, and heard them out.  She agreed to keep an eye out for their quarries.  While she will conclude her business with The Harpers, and holds them no ill will, her true intention is to continue business with The Lords Alliance.